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      The love of reading and writing was imparted to me since  childhood. In youth I was published in newspapers and received comments of readers.

       Therefore I have successfully graduated from the University of Foreign Languages in the town of Omsk on profession "Theory of Translation of the English and German Languages".

       I have received degree in bachelor of science in economics at Bergische University Wuppertal in Germany. There is a diploma of the manager of the Moscow Economic University of Statistics and Informatics.

     During the work I have got experience of the translation of different texts. I regularly participate in the most interesting seminars and courses of the Union of Translators (BDÜ), the Specialized Union of Professional Interpreters and Translators (ATICOM) and other organizations  to improve skills constantly and to provide the maximum translation quality.

     I am a sworn translator of the Russian, English, Kazakh and German languages authorized by the senior land court in the town of Koblenz. It gives me the right to confirm officially completeness and correctness of the translations. It means to make certified translations which all state organizations of Germany recognize as official documents. Except the certificates and references exposed on the website, there are more documents on professional development.

      My consultations are carried out on the basis of relevant laws of Germany, knowledge of mentality of the German officials, own experience and checked sources. The right of foreigners, family law, labor law, patent law , etc. were studied at the university and on professional development. I don't waste words.