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Who is it for?


  • It is for those who want to.
  • start learning the Russian language (introductory course);
  • overcome the colloquial barrier and get the skills to communicate with Russians;
  • write in Russian and communicate with Russians on the Internet;
  • read in Russian, participate in Russian-language forums, blogs and social networks;  
  • improve your qualifications in Russian if you have already studied it in your country or in Russia.

With our communicative textbooks, your lessons will be funny and interesting. You will start reading and speaking Russian from the first lesson. This means the practical orientation of our lesson. The material is selected depending on the level of the student and is organized from simple to complex. The texts contain information about Russian history, culture and national traditions. To facilitate the process, we resort to a wide use of visual materials.

Elementary level (A1). The introductory course is designed for foreign citizens who study Russian language from the very beginning. The educational material is accompanied by color illustrations and author's photographs, there are control tests, cards of Russian words and essential Russian phrases for the basic conversation.

 The basic level (A2). is designed for students with an intermediate level of Russian who aspire to understand it better, systematize knowledge, learn to hear their dialogue partner better and react to his/her replicas. In the classroom real live dialogues from everyday life are analyzed.

Independent (B1) is addressed to students who continue learning Russian at the basic level (A2). The purpose of the course is the correction and development of language and speech skills, the expansion of the culturological competence of trainees.

Good user (B2-C1) introduces the style varieties of the Russian language, various aspects of life in modern Russia: culture and mentality, work, study, leisure; position in society, possibility of professional implementation, problems of modern people.

The course Russian for children introduces vocabulary and grammar with the support on visual material. To prevents fatigue and monotony in the learning process tasks are as much as possible disguised as games. We offer complex of creative and developmental activities, which could make the process of learning more interesting and exploring.

  • We offer various forms of training in Russian language courses:
  • On-line classes;
  • individual sessions;
  • group activities;

When teaching the language from scratch, we use a communicative approach with a systematic development of grammar. It is very important in the study of the Russian language, which has a number of unique features, for example, the nonfixed word order in the sentence. You are immersed in the language from the very first minute and start talking with ready-made phrases used in real communication situations. The program of the course is based on the use of teaching aids written by the best specialists, which make it possible to remove difficulties in understanding features of thinking and a worldview of Russian-speaking people, help to establish communication and accelerate adaptation in a Russian-speaking environment.

The minimum duration of lessons is 60 minutes. Time for individual lessons - as agreed.

You can read about the costs, duration of the learning programmes and so on in the tabs about individual or group lessons of Russian and English for non-russian speaking people.

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