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Translation. Services

   I am a sworn translator of the Russian, German and Kazakh languages, as well as a translator and interpreter of English and offer the following services together with partners:

  • Translation of special texts of the following language pairs: Russian-German and vice versa, Russian-English and vice versa, German- English and vice versa, Russian-Kazakh and vice versa, German-Kazakh and vice versa, Kazakh-English and vice versa.
  • Each translation is made according to all language rules and precisely conveys the meaning of the original. I pay much attention to stylistic, coordination of terminology and adaptation of the text under target audience.
  • Editing and writing of texts from scratch.
  • Editing.
  • Certified translation of documents from Russian into German and vice versa, from Russian into English and vice versa, from German into English and vice versa. Russian-Kazakh and vice versa, German-Kazakh and vice versa, Kazakh-English and vice versa according to ISO -and norms of Embassy of the Russian Federation.

 I specialize in the following areas:

  • Law.
    • Translations in the sphere of civil, criminal, labor, social and public law: contracts, the judgments, extracts from the trade register, the general conditions of the conclusion of transactions, texts of laws, official documents and many other things.
  • Medicine
    • The translations in the sphere of cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, gynecology, and in other areas: medical certificates, epikriz, information for patients, instructions for use of drugs and other medical texts.
  • Economy
    • The translations in the sphere of finance, foreign trade, foreign economic activity, human resource management: accounting reports, reports of the enterprises, presentations and many other things.
  • Marketing/advertising
    • The translation of advertising texts, taking into account target audience: industrial advertising, catalogs, handouts, menu, websites, advertising leaflets and leaflets.
  • Other translation of the general subject
    • Interpretation at exhibitions, state organizations, visit of firms, etc.

If you didn´t find a suitable service - call or email me and ask.